Thursday 1-16-2020

Greetings and welcome!

It is a cold morning this morning. It is up to 7 degreesĀ  but there is a 15-25mph wind that is sending the wind chills into the negative teens. While not pleasant it has to be helping the areas that were slow to freeze like lakes and swamps. I expect low temperatures tonight to go into the negative single digits, but if it stays clear it could go -10 or lower.

It is pretty much a one day cold wave. Warmer air in advance of Friday night’s storm should bring mid-20s for Friday’s high temperatures.

We had a little light snow yesterday/last night. I would say that calling it an inch would be generous.

I did see the Iron Snowshoe groomer go past the house yesterday, so folks out riding today should have some very nice trails to ride.

The weekend storm is right on track and very little has changed in the forecast. I see the snow starting Friday night and continuing until after sunset Saturday. It looks like a low intensity long duration snow, but there could be some gusty winds blowing it around. In the end I am expecting 6-8″.

It should be a comfortable weekend to ride with a high of 32 Saturday, a low of 11 Saturday night and a high of 19 Sunday.

From here it looks like a good weekend for snowmobiling with good trails and some fresh snow to play in. I will be at Rapids Resort Saturday from noon until at least 4pm, possibly longer. If you are in the neighborhood stop in and say hello and get a picture taken, We are #91 on the map.

That is it for me today. Have a good weekend and thank you for visiting!