Thursday 1-19-17

Greetings and welcome!

It was another 40is day and there was more melting. It was a foggy damp day, so at least the sun didn’t get into the act.

As I mentioned yesterday, plowed side roads are bare in sunny spots. Shaded areas still hold ice.

My ride home was in the dark tonight so I can only say what I saw in the headlights. Both here and in Wausaukee the trail base looked mostly intact but the snow on top was shrinking. The trail by Jungle Jim’s on the north side of C looked good. My private road had a good base but the snow on top was mostly gone.

My thinking was that the snow had been taken and now the base was getting slushy and vulnerable. Apparently I am not alone in that thinking. Looking around at club sites I found that Langlade Co closed trails. Lakewood and Townsend clubs are asking people to stay off of the trails until it freezes back up. The Iron Snowshoe club closed their trails to ATVs.

Tonight we have fog as a line of rain heads our way. We are expecting a glaze of freezing rain in the morning, then just light rain as the day warms. The GFS shows light rain lingering into Sunday. The NWS has our high temperatures at 36 Friday and 41 Saturday and Sunday. I do see at least some cold returning next week.

I saw on the Iron Snowshoe web site that there is a radar run at High Falls Flowage this Saturday.

That is news from here. Have a Friday and thank you for visiting!