Thursday 1-31-19

Greetings and welcome!

I am a little late today but here I am.

We have one more cold night to survive and we are off to the races with a warm weekend.At 8pm it is -17 coming off of a high of about 3 degrees today. Tomorrow could get into the mid-teens.

Right now Saturday looks great with a forecast of 30, but it could go warmer according to some of my guidance. Saturday night into Sunday morning there is a chance of light freezing drizzle before Sunday’s high of 40.

Sunday night and Monday’s storm is still a big question mark. The GFS model shows it being a heavy snowstorm for us. The European is sure that it will be rain and not even close. It is too far out in the time frame for the North American model until tomorrow.

One thing that I did like in my research is the three big snow storms possible in the next few weeks. We can sweat rain/snow lines later, at least we are in the game instead of being shielded from storms by Arctic air.

In my travels today I saw consistently beautiful trails north of Crivitz. In Crivitz and Coleman they are a little thinner, but they have been panned and they are rideable. I have not been to Wausaukee in a while, so I don’t know how those trails are. As far as Lakewood and Townsend I have not been there since last Friday night. The trails there were excellent and now we had a snow on top of it. Expect very good things there too.

My plan for the weekend is to be at Rapids from 12 until about 5, possibly later. Sunday I will be there from 2 on. Sundays at 1 they have a double elimination in-house pool tournament and will have a taco bar and other stuff going on for Super Bowl. The camera is charging as I type this. If I don’t ask you to do a group picture please ask me. I love doing them.

I found my camera yesterday and it occurred to me that I never posted snow depth pix from the last storm (Having a temper tantrum about my plow truck instead). Someone asked today if I fixed the plow truck pump unit. No. It wouldn’t fit into the woodburner and it is too cold for a campfire. LOL.

Anyway, here are some pix.

For the record that Pepsi can is 5′ tall. The driveway pic shows why I reported 3-4. I found more when I snowblowed the rest of the driveway. I’d call it 4-5.

Dan G left a comment yesterday updating us on the dog sled races. Thank you Dan!!

Dan Guendert January 31, 2019 @ 2:03 pm [Edit]

Ray, correction on the dogsled event:

Doty Dog Days of Winter will be held Sat Feb 9 and Sun Feb 10, based out of the Doty Town Hall on Hwy T north of Hwy 64 (just north of Animal’s Bear Trail). The dog sled races will cross the snowmobile trail throughout the event on the Red Arrow trails north of Hwy 64 and west of Hwy T- off Eickhoff Rd trail and the wooded trails including Perch Lake Rd trail, Saul Springs Rd trail, and Jones Spring Rd trail. Red Arrow club volunteers will be manning the trail at areas where the dogsled teams will be crossing. All riders should either avoid these trails on the 9th & 10th or use extreme caution and prepare for delays while riding through this area. Thanks, Dan

Time to feed the woodburner again. Have a good night and thank you for visiting!