Thursday 11-28-13

Greetings and welcome!

Thanksgiving morning came with about 1/4″ of snow dusting the outdoors. It snowed a little later in the day too, but didn’t add up to much. Some areas were expecting to see as much as an inch or two, but it didn’t happen here.

There is a minor disturbance showing up for later tomorrow that could bring a little freezing drizzle or light snow. Again it is not expected to bring much, maybe 1/10″ of rain or a little dusting of snow.

The weekend looks nice for a change. We could see temperatures in the lower 30s, which will feel pretty balmy after the cold weeks that we just had. I think that I have only had one or two nice weekend days since I started the new job. The outside list will be a long one.

There has been a storm showing up in the models about 9 days out. IF it actually plays out, it could be our first winter storm. Yesterday it looked pretty weak, but a 2-4 or 3-5 snow maker.

Today’s version looked much different. It showed the storm starting as rain and changing to snow. The storm itself would be pretty intense with a central pressure of 984 while it is over us, and strengthening to a 976mb storm as it moves away. Put it this way, a Cat 2 hurricane usually has a central pressure of 965–979mb. In in other words, it is expected to be a pretty strong storm and it would have some strong and cold winds behind it.

Now, keep in mind that is really pretty speculative. Not only is the GFS showing different scenarios daily, this storm is 9 days out. For now it is just interesting to look at.

That is about it for today. Have a good weekend and thank you for visiting!