Thursday 1/15/16

Greetings and welcome!

We are under a winter storm warning as I type this at 9pm. The models have been consistent for the past few runs, and it looks like we are in for a snow storm. There are some elements of this storm that could make travel pretty ugly.

First up is that the upper air temperatures are colder than most storms. We are often concerned with the rain snow line. I look for about -4C temperatures at the 850mb level ( about 2000′ up) to find the rain snow line. We will be looking at -15C 850 temperatures, meaning lighter finer snow, and more inches of snow per inch of rainfall equivalent. Instead of the typical 12″ per inch of moisture, maybe it will be 16-20(wild guess).

The NWS is looking at an inch Friday, 5 more overnight, and 3 more Saturday for at total of 9″. The TV has us in the 4-7″ range, with 8-12″ not too far south of here. My guidance suggests that 8-9″ isn’t unreasonable.

So we are expecting light puffy snow. The storm will also bring some strong winds in and after the storm. With some 20+ mph wind gusts we can expect some significant blowing and drifting, especially Saturday and Sunday.

Behind the storm comes more deep cold. The Green Bay TV says a high of zero Sunday, and a windy day. Around here the NWS is looking for a high of around 3ºF. Both have temperatures returning to normal next week.

Hopefully it all works out.

Have a good Friday and thank you for visiting!