Thursday 12-02-2021

Thursday 12-02-2021

Greetings and welcome!

We have had a couple of warm days that has knocked down some of our recent snow. There is still 2-3″ in most areas, but sunny spots and under trees where the heat concentrated is down to dirt. What a difference that a couple of days makes.


Not to worry.. for a couple of reasons.

First the stuff that remains will be very high moisture and will freeze in like a brick. That will serve us well as far as base building.

There is also a parade of clippers coming our way. There is a weak one coming tomorrow that could bring a little snow and some freezing drizzle. Sunday there is a much more promising storm coming. It is weak as storms go, but it looks like it will have some Gulf of Mexico moisture support. That one bears watching. Behind that there are more chances of snow including a couple of clippers and a bigger storm about the 12th.

Right now all that we can do is watch and wait. It seems like we are off to a good start and the forecast has some promise to it.

Have a good one and thank you for visiting!