Thursday 12-12-19

Greetings and welcome!


I went out and measured the snow in the driveway and consistently measured 6″. The TV news showed Crivitz at 6″ and areas north in Florence Co with 7.5 to 9 inches. I have not measured at the Silver Cliff house yet.


We are under a winter storm warning this afternoon. Most area schools are closed and the ones that aren’t are letting out early.

We have a pretty fine snow falling at a decent pace. I was out in the truck before and I turned around after about 3 miles. The the truck was doing fine, but the snow was freezing to the windshield wipers to the point that they needed cleaning every half mile or so.

When I went out and measured a few minutes ago I was in the 3.5-4″ range. I checked an area that I did not clean up after the last snow and it was at about 6″. The Silver Cliff house had an inch more last time so I am probably at about 7″ over there.

Because it is powdery snow it compacts as more falls on it. It has been snowing steadily but totals are not going up very fast. Depending on who you ask we could see 5-7 or 6-9″. I’d go with the 5-7.

There is another small storm for Friday  into Saturday that cold bring another inch or two.

I am looking forward to checking the picnic table at the Silver Cliff house. I’d bet it is close to 18 or 20″.

Here is a trail picture from yesterday of the freshly groomed Iron Snowshoe trail about 3 miles south of the BP gas station at parkway & Hwy C.

More to follow..


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  1. Hello Ray, Thanks as always for the detailed updates! I saw on the Paul Bunyan site that they are planning on opening some trails on Dec 20 . It’s alnost time to saddle up and ride!

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