Thursday 12-15-2022 Snow Report


Wow is that some wet heavy crap to move! This stuff will make excellent base but it sure wasn’t fun to move. My big 11hp 2 stage blower would only throw it about 5 feet. The little 6hp Honda single stage ran circles around it, not only cleaning it to the asphalt, but it would still throw the snow 20 feet plus. I found that spraying the chute with silicone spray or Kroil really helped the clogging.

I am going to call my final measurement 4.5-5″, but it is cement snow.


The majority of the storm is over with. At first glance I have between 4-5″ on the deck rail. The TV news reported Lakewood had 4.5″, so that sounds about right.

The rain didn’t change to snow until about 3am. There was a little freezing of the rain, then the snow then came in big flakes at a good pace.

The snow is stuck to the trees and everything else because the rain came first and the snow was very wet. It is a pretty scene.

The big winner on the Green Bay news was Iola with 9″.

Time to go and clean it up.