Thursday 12-19-19

Greetings and welcome!

Saddle up! The tails are finally open!

Iron Snowshoe opened today and northern Oconto Co trails open tomorrow.

Conditions should generally be very good. The groomed stretches of the trails that I have seen look great. It is a rare year that we have this much sturdy snow before Christmas.

You will want to watch out in low and swampy areas. We have had another wet year and the swamps are very full. The snow came before they froze hard, so there will be some ugly mud holes. Some trails are closed or re-routed for that reason. I have seen some nasty swamped sled pictures on Facebook and the 100 Miler club FB page shows what they are up against up there.

There are lots of warnings to stay on the trails. There was a lot of storm damage and now there are a lot of stumps.

I have not checked out local lakes yet. They were not very well frozen before heavy snow came, so use a lot of caution there.

Have a good Thursday and thank you for visiting!