Thursday 12-23-2021

Greetings and welcome!

It looks a lot like winter outside today. We had a small storm come through this morning and give us about an inch. For a while it was big beautiful flakes falling and the scene was worthy of a Christmas card.

We didn’t miss much yesterday. It was mostly a cold day. We had a high of 17 and a low of -1. For most of the day it wasn’t much above 10 degrees.

Tuesday night when I went out it was under 15 degrees the wind was really howling and blowing the powdery snow off of the roof. That wind will have caused some blowing and drifting. That will come into play with this picture. This is what added up on the deck since the big meltdown, but some of it is snow that blew off of the roof. I would still guess at 4-5 plus inches of real snowfall.

The wildcard in all of this comes Friday when we could hit 37 degrees with some freezing drizzle. Thankfully the rain doesn’t look like a lot, maybe 0.25″ according to my forecast guidance. The question is how much will the warm day settle the snow. Ideally it will help to bond it to the icy base. I do expect the freezing drizzle and drizzle to make side roads very icy. There is a little snow/ice buildup from the recent snows. A little rain on top of that will likely make side roads a little slick.

There is another storm for Sunday night into Monday that has some promise to it. That one looks like it could bring 4-6″, and there is one behind that for next Wednesday that could bring another 2-3 or more. According to the European model that could all add up to about 8-9″ by New Years Eve.

With plowed and treated roads we were starting from scratch. Those are still rebuilding a base, but we are getting there. The rest of the system should be very rideable, even if it is early season where the groomer has only passed once or twice, ruts not quite filled in and so on. There will be a lot more snow for them to work with by New Years.

It isn’t all that common for us to have trails to ride between Christmas and New Years. This year we will.

I am going to be very busy with holiday stuff over the next few days. If anything important happens I will keep you up to date. If not have a merry Christmas and thank you for visiting!


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