Thursday 12-29-2022

Greetings and welcome!

We had a bad day today. We saw a high of 41 and as of now (10:30pm) it is still 37 degrees outside. The above freezing weather is expected to continue overnight and until late afternoon tomorrow. As I am writing this a small area of  moderately heavy rain just hit us. Add in some sun tomorrow and things are not looking good for the weekend at all.

Yesterday afternoon the trails were showing some wear in concentrated traffic areas like corners and narrow spots on the trails. Today those wear areas really opened up with the warm and damp weather and some are now dirt. There are good stretches of trail and there are bad stretches. Plowed road shoulders are shot, and many plowed roads opened up.

There are probably riding opportunities in sheltered areas and maybe to the north. As far as system wide riding most people might want to wait for a better weekend.