Thursday 12.30.2010

Greetings and welcome!

I got a look at trails between here and Lakewood yesterday. For the most part they look to be in nice shape. There are some thin spots, spots where the groomer hit a high spot or where a plowed road got a little sun.

The grade in Lakewood was showing signs of wear by the dealer, but a look south from the grocery store looked nice, as did a look north where it crossed F. The golf course looked good except the hill was getting thin. (Watch out for kids sledding too!)

The trail along F was freshly groomed and looked very nice near the golf course, Near Waubee & Prospect Lodges, and where it goes into the woods east of there.

There were already a lot of riders around, and quite a few pulling trailers when I was out today. Expect a little company, and don’t expect virgin trails. Most of what I saw still looked good, but there will be spots.

Not much has changed with the weather forecast. I am still waiting for the surprise in this one.

Rum0r has it that I will be bartending at the Rapids Early New Year’s Eve (5-9) and again New Year’s Day (Noon to 5 or 6). Stop by if you are in the neighborhood, I’ll bring the camera.

I will update later if anything changes. IN the meantime, have a good Thursday and thank you for visiting!