Thursday 12-5-13

Greetings and welcome!

Yesterday was a rainy day. It was mostly drizzle and mist, but after dark it rained harder./

About 4″  of the snow survived it. That snow has an icy crust and a slushy bottom.

Now comes the cold blast after the storm. Athelstane Weather is showing winds at 12mph gusting to 23. Our current 5am temp of 27 will drop into the teens by sunset and around zero after dark. Wind chills tonight could go into the -20º range.

Friday and Saturday the high temperature could break the +10º mark, with below zero nights. Sunday is expected to warm up a little and possibly bring a few inches of snow, followed by an even deeper cold blast. Early next week there will be a couple of days that we will be lucky to hit a high of 10 degrees.

This week’s snow and rain will make a good start on a base, especially for the first week in December. It looks like winter is here early this year.

Have a good Thursday and thank you for visiting!