Thursday 12-8-16

Greetings and welcome!

We have definitely made some ice over the past 24 hours. Yesterday was a cold and windy day and that kept up through the night. The TV says Wabeno got down to 9ยบ, and much of the area is in the mid-teens at the moment. Cold is one thing, but the wind exponentially increases the amount of heat removed from the land and waters, and we have had a lot of wind.

We have had some snow flurries from the lake effect snow, and the regional radar shows splotches of snow scattered across it. The UP from about Hurley to Superior saw the most lake effect so far, and the east shore of Lake Michigan has done well too. As the winds turn more northerly today the rest of the UP and the snow belt around Vilas Co are expecting big snow today.

There is still snow expected for Saturday night and Sunday. Right now it looks like 2-4, but that could change a little.

Time to make the donuts..