Thursday 12-9-2021

Greetings and welcome!

We had some light snow today. I went out and measured 2″ at 7pm. It was enough to have to plow or clean up and it did make the roads a mess.

The real story is that we are now under a winter storm warning for Friday afternoon into Saturday afternoon. The current forecast has us in the 8-12″ range with 12+ inch totals possible locally. The NWS forecast has us for 8″ Friday night and 2″ Saturday morning.

The forecast models are in very good agreement with only a couple of outliers putting totals in the 6″ range.

I’m a little nervous about it. It all seems a little too perfect.

There is some warm weather coming up next week. The forecast at the moment has us in the upper 30s a couple of days and upper 40s Wednesday. That would actually serve us by packing in the base and making it durable, as long as it doesn’t get too carried away.

I saw that the Near North club closed their trails while they get them ready. It will be too warm for ATVs and the snowmobile trails are not packed down yet. At that point they asked people to stay off of the trails for the short term.

That’s it for now.