Thursday 2-11-16

Greetings and welcome!

It has been a chilly week and now we get to the cold part. Yesterday was the first day this week that I saw the sun make any real progress on paved roads and parking lots, and it wasn’t much.

Tonight the wind is expected to pick up, bringing -25 wind chills for the morning. We could see a high of about 10 before the temperature craters to near zero in the afternoon and the wind picks up to 15-25mph.

Friday night could go -5 plus the wind for -25 wind chills. We will see similar wind chills Saturday with a high in the mid single digits and 10-15mph wind. Saturday night calms down, but could go -15F.

Sunday we could see mid-teens.

Bring your good gear, it looks like a cold weekend.

Next week is expected to get back into the 20s, but late week brings bad news with 40+ temps and rain for Friday.

This weekend brings a couple of events to the area.

February 13
Ice Golf at Fisher’s Camp on Caldron Falls Flowage at Boat Landing #10. Registration starts 10:00AM, Tee off at 11:00AM. 4 people per team, $40 per team, 100% payout. Band 6pm-10pm 715-757-2207 or 715-927-0805 for more information.

February 13
High Falls Fish-O-Rama, Snowmobile Radar Run & Winter Fest Food, beverages, raffles in heated tent, 800′ track. Trophies in all classes. Sponsored by the Twin Bridge Water Ski Team. 12 miles NW of Crivitz, Boat Landing 3 Road. For more information call 715-757-3511.

The trails that I saw today going to and from work were on Hwy C near Jungle Jim’s in Silver Cliff, along Perch Lake Rd west of Wausaukee, and along C between Wausaukee and Athelstane. All were recently groomed, and all had full coverage. I have not been over toward Lakewood/Townsend/Carter and Hwy 32 this week.

I will be back at Rapids Resort this weekend from and noon until 5. I might stay later if it is busy. That will be it for me working there this month. I will be working my regular job the 20th, and hope to make the vintage ride to Crooked Lake on the 27th.

Have a good weekend and thank you for visiting!