Thursday 2-13-14

Greetings and welcome!
We are under a winter weather advisory his morning. We have a clipper heading this way that could bring 2-3″ today. The snow is already at mid-state and it should be snowing here by mid-morning.

Yesterday’s snow started off pretty light, but it really picked up about 10 am. Unfortunately it only lasted through the morning, so we ended up with about 1/2-3/4″.

The forecast for the weekend has changed a little, and it won’t be quite as warm as I had expected. The high temps currently forecast are 25 today, 20 Friday, 16 Saturday, and 19 Sunday. The lows Friday and Saturday night are predicted to be -7 Friday night and -2 Saturday night.

Next week’s forecast has moderated a little too. It was looking like it would get a little warmer than a snowmobiler would like it to be. Now the forecast has us in the low 30s Monday through Wednesday. I am still a little nervous about late next week, but at a week out it is a wait n see.

The weather pattern on the GFS forecast model looks much more active than it has been. There are three shots at snow next week and a big southern storm showing up for next weekend. It might not all be snow, but at least we are in the game. The big storm for next Saturday is too far out to get excited about either way at ten days out, but again, at least we are in the game.

A while back someone asked if I would show how to get to the GFS forecast model. Last night while I was working on a computer I was filling in the down time working on that. Eventually I will make a permanent page out of it. I have the images done, but not the explanation, so it is a work in progress.

Anyway, the trails remain in excellent condition, and in a month it will be mid-March. Ride it while it is so nice. The green light is definitely on for the weekend.

That is it for this morning. Have a good Thursday and thank you for visiting!