Thursday 2-13-2020

Greetings and welcome!

It is a brisk morning this morning with a sunny -2ยบ. We are heading for a high of about +10 with some wind. Tonight is the big story when we are expecting a low of -11 with wind chills of -15 to -20. Friday is another cold one with a high of 14 and a low of -2, again with wind.

Yesterday was supposed to get up to 32. In the morning it was much colder than that and windy too. About mid-afternoon I noticed that it had gotten much warmer. Indeed it had, the Athelstane Weather site said that we hit 37. It was not for more than a few hours though, so there was no significant melting.

I was on the road again yesterday for work. The trails along the roads between here and Crivitz looked great. Even the trails in Crivitz and along W on the way to Crooked Lake had enough snow and good grooming. Crooked Lake looked great.

The roads are a hit n miss story though. The sun is becoming a factor for sure. The towns aren’t real big on snowplowing on weekends, and last weekend’s snow got packed down into a nice ice layer. It is still there.. where the sun can’t hit it. In sunny spots it is down to pavement. That is one of the late season warning signs.

Usually I have St Valentine’s Day marked as when the back of winter is about broken, with that low of -30 and high of -5 brutal winter stuff just about over. So far we have missed out on any long stretches of that this year (It came in October and November). I would not be shocked to see some of that before winter is over. So far on the 16 day GFS there are no big warm spells or big Arctic blasts.

Two thoughts on the calendar before I wrap it up.. One.. tomorrow is St Valentines day. If you haven’t moved on it, act now. Item two, That means that it is only two weeks until March. The sun is going to start getting ugly soon. You might want to move riding up on the priority list.

Have a good Thursday and thank you for visiting!