Thursday 2-16-2023

Greetings and welcome!

I wasn’t wrong about the double barrel low pressure and the second storm being a good one. It just did its thing about 200 miles too far south. I am seeing that folks downstate aren’t having much fun with it. On Facebook they talked about a 30 car pile-up near Kewaskum on 41, and a ~100 car pile-up in my old home town of Mequon on I-43.

The weather hasn’t been kind around here either. Apparently ice shacks are going through the ice on a lot of lakes. The news showed it happening on Winnebago. Facebook showed it happening on Shawano Lake and this is a screen cap from a post showing them sinking on Lake Noquebay.

There were some videos of them pulling trucks out of the lakes too. I think the one that I saw today was on Lake Poygan. It was bad year for ice anyway, and then we had a week of near 50 and over 50 temps, followed by about an inch of rain. That is not the formula for good ice on the lake.

Now we have dropped below freezing. Last night and today got down to 24 and it is down to 15 at 11pm. Side roads, driveways, and parking lots are sporting a lot of ice. Main roads and treated side roads are bare. The trails are either ice, freezing puddles, or frozen mud.

We are going to stay cold Friday (high of 24) before going up to 40 for highs Saturday and Sunday.

Next week looks interesting. After endless disappointment this season I am very skeptical of any favorable forecasts. It is a nice cartoon and I like what it says so I will let entertain me.

The medium term forecasts are showing a medium-small storm for about Tuesday. That one looks like a 1-3 or 2-4 storm.

There is a bigger storm for about Thursday. If it came as presently shown it would be a dandy 8″+ storm.

Here in the ECMWF (European) Model showing a total of 12+ between the two storms.

Here is the GFS showing us in the 8-10 range for Thursdays storm.

Yeah. Ok. Bring it.

I have another event for this weekend..

Tony’s Dockside Bar and Grill
2h ยท
This Saturday the 18 we are having a meat raffle to benefit the Iron Snowshoe auxiliary club starting at 2:30. There will be prime rib bacon pork loin hotdogs and much more. The best thing is 100% of the profits is donated. Come support our trail system and club!!!

It looked like they had a nice pile of meat there, it should be a good benefit.

I will work on a post with all of the various events that I found this week. There is a lot going on this weekend. In the meantime it is midnight and not yesterday anymore so I am going to get this posted..

Have a good night and thank you for visiting!