Thursday 2-17-2022

Greetings and welcome!

It got up to 41 degrees today. There was some melting and consolidation of the snow. The plowed and treated roads took it the hardest. There were some high wear areas that got dark, stained, or snirty, but the trails as a general rule took it well. For the most part our awesome trail base is intact and holding up well. I would not hesitate to ride right now at all.

The only really ugly spot that I saw today was a sunny spot along the highway just south of Middle Inlet. There was a lot of grass and dirt. I’m not sure why that spot took it so hard. A few miles up the road the trails are really nice.

There is a clipper system coming for Friday that could bring an inch of snow. For the most part the models are showing an inch if we are lucky. That should help with free snow for cooling, always a problem when there is a thaw and refreeze.

Saturday looks normal enough (High of 21) but Sunday could go into the low 40s.

If it works out as shown on the forecast models we will have a good week for snow next week. It starts out Monday and Tuesday with a 4″+ snow. Wednesday could bring another 4. Another round of snow Friday could take us into the 10-12″ range for the week. I’m skeptical but I like what it says.

This weekend I have two events. One is the Red Arrow Family Snow Fest (Formerly their big fishorama), and the other is the Crooked Lake Fishorama. That one is famous for the slab of bacon or a bottle of booze raffles. I do have verification on the Crooked Lake VFD web site that the event is on after skipping last year.

Have a good weekend and thank you for visiting!