Thursday 2-18-16

Greetings and welcome!

Today went ok. It stayed cloudy and only got up to about 34. The treated roads suffered the most, and are pretty well shot.

The trails along Perch Lake Rd by Wausaukee and along C closer to home still looked good. The trails that I saw in Crivitz today had a lot of grass and bare spots.

The first wave of the storm came today, starting with a lot of wind, and eventually bringing a wave of precip that fell as about 1/4″ of  wet snow.

There is a little more on the way tonight. Forest, Florence and Langlade Co’s are under a winter weather advisory. Hopefully it keeps falling as snow. The rain will glaze frozen roads.

Looking at the latest guidance I am not encouraged. Both the rain and temperature outlook for tomorrow are up. We are looking at mid-40s with a strong wind gusting to 35-40mph, along with up to 0.5-0.75″ of rain. The TV said that we could get a thunderstorm or two a little south of Green Bay tomorrow morning.

The strong wind and wet day will be an effective heat transmission mechanism. I’d expect to lose some snow tomorrow. That recipe is predicted for Friday night too, with lower rain chances. It is not expected to go below 35. That’s another bad one.

Saturday could get into the mid-40s. One forecaster that I saw mentioned the clouds parting as the precip moves off to the east. With the snow already soft, a sunny 45 degree day would be bad, especially with traffic.

I don’t know how this one ends. The forecast is pretty bad, but it was also petty bad two weeks ago when we were going to get 18″ of snow.

There was some discussion about telling people to not ride when the trails are soft. That is certainly a valid consideration, especially with no significant snow expected for at least the next couple of weeks.

However it works out, have a good weekend and thank you for visiting