Thursday 2-26-15

Greetings and welcome!

It is another -20ºF morning this morning. Between last year and this year, that is getting old. The Green Bay news said that it is the 21st day like that, compared to last year with 45 of them by now. That is in Green Bay though. I am sure that our tally would be higher.

There is some good news ahead. Sometime in August the pattern is expected to break, and we could see above freezing temperatures again. Ok, just kidding ( I think..). The temperatures are expected to moderate in time for a big events weekend this weekend. We are expecting upper teens tomorrow, around 20 for Saturday, and mid-20s Sunday.

The shiny coin that has my attention right now is the storm for about Tuesday. We could be in for a real live honest to goodness southern storm, something that we haven’t seen in a few months. As is common with these, we will be watching the rain/snow line and the exact path of the storm. This morning’s GFS shows some bountiful snows, possibly well in excess of 6″+ and possibly toward the one foot mark. I I like how it looks now, where is my Buy It Now button?

Like I said, we have a lot of big events this weekend- Slug Feast, High Falls Radar Run, Winterfest, and Fish-O-Rama, and the NEW Low Buck Vintage Riders Racer’s to Crooked Lake Run, are all coming up Saturday.

I will have to cover that more in tonight’s report, along with a storm update. Right now it is time to make the donuts.

Have a good Thursday and thank you for visiting!