Thursday 2-5-15

Mar 6, 2015

Greetings and welcome!

Today was another sunny day but it only got up to about 20, and I think that was a mid-day peak. It didn’t feel that warm, and there wasn’t much melting at all. We also had a low of about -15 last night and tonight we are expecting to get down to only -5.

The point here is that we made it to Friday mostly intact. I saw one sunburned spot, and a lot of good trails, but I can only tell you what I saw between here and Wausaukee.

Friday is supposed to get into the upper 20s, but it supposed to be cloudy. That (hopefully) won’t bring any widespread melting.

The forecast for the weekend gets interesting, and not all good. There are a couple of small clipper type systems expected. We could see light snow or flurries both days. The current forecast is for mid-30s both Saturday and Sunday. The good news is that those clippers should keep it at least somewhat cloudy.

Next week’s forecast gets a little warm. We could see 40 Monday and Thursday and get close to 50 Tuesday and Wednesday. One TV forecast went over 50 for Tuesday. All of this is in the context of sunny or partly cloudy days.

I am not sure how that will play out, but my guidance isn’t quite that dramatic. I am reminded of this week when we were expecting 5-8″ of snow that turned out to be three.

Whatever the case, I’d ride ASAP. This could well be our last weekend around here. This is my last Saturday at Rapids, stop in between 12 and 4 and get a picture.

Have a good weekend and thank you for visiting!