Thursday 2-7-19

Greetings and welcome!

The storm has brought over 6″ of snow. It started as freezing drizzle late morning. Early afternoon on the way home from Crivitz it turned over to silver dollar sized flakes coming hard and fast. In a couple of miles the wipers were totally snow covered and useless, and the defroster could not keep up on the windshield. With near zero visibility I turned around and crept back to town. I rode it out there for a few hours until the snow got a little lighter. The ride home found 2-3″ on the road, not fun but passable. The plow had been down it once, but it was snowing pretty hard so it didn’t take long to add up again.

When I turned onto Hwy C off of A it got deep. There was 4-5″ on the road and it was piled higher between the tracks. Not good. I made it a few miles and decided to take shelter at a friend’s house until the plow went by. Turning down that town road was a mistake. It had not been plowed and there was 6+ of snow. Once I got there I wasn’t going anywhere. I ended up getting a lift home from a friend in a 4×4.

Anyway, we have 6+ of fresh snow. Once I go out and start clearing it tomorrow I will get a better measurement.

The trails that I saw on the way to town were panned down and they were a little loose but looked great. With a fresh foot or so this week alone they are not short on free snow.

The two events that I have for this weekend are the Doty Dogsled races and festival and the High Falls Fish-o-Rama.

It looks like a cold but nice enough weekend. The NWS is predicting a high of 15 Saturday and a high of  20 Sunday.

That is it for now. Have a good night and thank you for visiting!