Thursday 2-8-18

Greetings and welcome!


We have a cold night brewing tonight. I have already seen -9 and the TV is showing areas an hour away at -12. We are expecting a low of -15.

We are stuck in a pattern similar to what we had earlier this season with a lot of Canadian cold air and high pressure, but not much snow and a little too much sun. The cold is good and will keep the sun at bay for a while longer than average temperatures would.

Today I walked outside and it seemed pretty nice out. My friend agreed, and when I walked over to the car I was surprised to see only 15 degrees. I expected something closer to 25. Yup it is February and the sun is out.

At any rate the trails still looked fantastic in my short travels today. The county road melted off a little but side roads remained ice. Thy should still be in nice shape for the weekend. We are expecting more clouds today and Friday, and the warmest day in the forecast is Sunday when it could get up to 23.

This Saturday is the big High Falls Winterfest and Fish-O-Rama. Usually that brings a lot of people to the area, so it could be a busy weekend. I am looking forward to seeing friends that frequent this weekend.

Have a good Thursday and thank you for visiting!