Thursday 2-9-2023


Greetings and welcome!

We missed out on the storm completely. I did not see any rain or snow at all. What we did get instead was 51 degrees yesterday and 38 degrees today. It did go below freezing both nights.

I didn’t leave the house at all today other than two blocks each way to my buddy’s house and back. I strongly recommend not judging 500 or 700 miles of local trails by a two block ride.

What I saw on my ride was that the trail base was intact and good with some snirty spots and a few bad spots on the plowed road. My main impression was that there was a good base but there wasn’t much free snow. The thaw/freeze/thaw/freeze took most of that.

I really wish that I had more info to go on. I know that this is a huge weekend for events. Life just didn’t let me get away today.

I think that my bottom line is that I wouldn’t hesitate to ride, just don’t expect winter wonderland perfection. I will try to get a better look tomorrow.

Have a good night and thank you for visiting!