Thursday 3-15-18

Greetings and welcome!
So it looks like we are not done if you go north a little. Iron Snowshoe has locked their gates and called it a season but the Dun-Good Club trails are still open and rideable.

I went up Parkway Rd to Goodman today and visited High 8 and the BP up there. The trails along Parkway on the way up there had a lot of bare spots on the highline trail from the south. The trails in the woods had good base and were flat as a bowling alley. There were sunburned spots and bare roads to be sure, but there are still a lot of good trails in the woods. The freeze-thaw-freeze cycle didn’t leave much free snow, but the warm days might help that.

According to their site they will be open this weekend and until the county makes them stop.
Closer to home the frost-out is progressing. The sunniest spots are starting to dry up a little while more shaded spots vary from still holding an ice base to various depths of soft mud.

I haven’t started the summer blog yet so here are the happening places this StPaddy’s Day..
The Caldron Falls Bar is having a DJ, karakoe and some good eats as always. Fisher’s Camp has a similar bill of fare.
That is it for now.