Thursday 3-2-2023

Greetings and welcome!

It is another sunny day in northern Wisconsin. That isn’t good news in March. More about that later.

Yesterday’s snow turned out to be a bust. It looked promising for a small storm with up to 4″ possible. It snowed lightly early on. At one point there was hope as big flakes started falling hard and fast. Yeehaw! Unfortunately that was a passing squall. At sunset we had less than an inch down.

The sun.. I hate the sun in March. I didn’t even snowblow about half of my driveway the other day because by early afternoon the sun had turned 6″ of snow into 2-3″. Shaded places on the road held snow, but areas that had full sun were quickly down to bare pavement by sunset.

I am convinced that unless we start seeing a very active storm pattern this could well be our last weekend of good trails and system-wide riding.

I tell the story about when I came to by my land here on the third weekend in March. It snowed almost a foot overnight and by noon it was almost all gone except for where the trees have shaded it. We are about 2 1/2 weeks away from that.

Today we are going to get into the mid-30s. Tomorrow we are looking at more sun and upper 30s. Over the weekend the temps are expected to go into the low 40s.

The Friday storm may still affect northern Illinois, but only the NAM model is bringing any significant precip north of the state line.

There is a storm showing up for early next week. Most of the models have it too far north to put us into the snow. That could change, and hopefully it will.

For now my advice is to ride while there are still nice trails. We are already seeing declining conditions and that is not going to get better.

Here is a screen cap for a cool event this weekend..

And a little more info from the Chute Pond club site..

Blast from the Past- Friday March 3
Group vintage and non-vintage rides from Skinny Dave’s to Crooked Lake and back. BYO dinner available at Skinny’s.

Blast from the Past- Saturday March 4
​Blast From the Past Vintage Show and Swap Meet at Skinny Dave’s 12848 Hwy 32 Mountain. No cost to enter sled(s) or for spectators. Registration 8:00 am, judging done by 12:30. Food and beverages available at Skinny Dave’s. ALL MEAT Raffle, bucket raffles, vintage sled raffle drawing. Call Kevin for more details 920-373-8579.

That is it for today. Have a good Thursday and thank you for visiting!