Thursday December 10th, 2009

Greetings and welcome!

Now the snow is done and the cold is here. The windows are frosted up and there is oak in the wood burner. The NWS says that it could go -6 tonight, and only a high of 10 Friday. With the winds gusting 15-20 occasionally the wind chill could go -25 at times.

It is good that is getting cold. The lakes were not frozen before it snowed. Some had the first skin of ice, some were still open. Beware the ice for a while. The stuff under the snow is insulated and won’t grow ice as fast as it could. The stuff that was open Tuesday won’t have much snow, and while it will be good cold weather ice, there probably won’t be much of it initially.  Be really careful on the ice until it locks up more.

The Iron Snowshoe folks contacted me today and asked that I relay the message to stay off of the trails until the 15th. There is still a hunting season and we don’t want to upset landowners.

There are a couple of chances for light snow over the weekend and early week.  We should see mid-20s over the weekend, but the second chance for snow comes with a cold front, and mid-week next week will probably return to the teens for highs and zero-ish for lows.

Voop there it is..  the 10pm news just showed -26 wind chills in Wabeno.  It is nights like his that I am glad that I am not a furry little critter living outdoors.

This is the weekend of the antique snowmobile show at the Gateway Bar in Crivitz with the NEW Low Buck Vintage Riders. The show is Saturday, and they get started early. There are usually over 100 old sleds there. It should be a seasonal day for it, with 20s and maybe a little light snow.

Well, I am on a tight deadline with a project, so I am off to get back to work.

Have a good weekend and thank you for visiting!