Thursday December 13th, 2012

Greetings and welcome!

I wish that I had better news on the weather front, but right now there isn’t much to cheer about.  Today and Friday are expected to be in the mid to upper 30s with lows in the 20s. We won’t be making much ice or frost in the ground, but it could be worse.

There is a storm showing up in the forecasts for Saturday and Sunday. That is another one where I’d like to pull the handle again and see what the next spin brings. Right now it looks like mostly rain followed by a little snow.

That could turn around in future model runs, but they are in pretty good agreement right now so it is not a great place to hang a lot of hope. Right now  they are showing upper air temperatures 5+ degrees (F) too warm for snow. We could see a little cooling from the snow cover, but again that is a reach.At that point, at least for now, I am looking at a rain snow mix with the accent on the former.

This could be the opening weekend for local trails, but the snow isn’t up to it yet. The only snow that we have is the 4+ inches that we saw the other day. It packed down ok, and was holding up pretty well when I was in Lakewood yesterday afternoon, but it is still only 4″ of snow.

The ice on the lakes and rivers is no refuge, we haven’t had enough cold weather to freeze them up well yet. I haven’t heard of a 3″ ice reading yet this year.

For now it doesn’t look very promising for a weekend ride. The long term outlook on the GFS isn’t all that promising, but that will probably change.

This Saturday there is a Bear Point Sno-Cruisers meeting at the Bear Point Yacht Club at 10am with a Christmas party to follow.

Also back at the Bear Point Yacht Club is the red Solo cup Christmas tree. Last year that song was pretty popular (ad nauseum..) last year and someone, probably Slug, had a great idea. They put up a Christmas tree where you buy a cup for $5 or $10, autograph it, and hang it on the tree. Last year they raised $500 for Pastor Fred’s Food Pantry.

That is about the only good news that I seem to have today, so I am going to pounce on the chance to exit on a high note. Have a good Thursday and thank you for visiting!