Thursday December 22, 2016

Greetings and welcome!

I suspended the page Wed morning after reports that the site was redirecting users to porno sites. I was at my day job and couldn’t do anything about it, so I suspended the Big Snow page account in its entirety. I worked on it last night and finally got it cleaned out. I was a little surprised since I get hit constantly and have some pretty good security protocols in place.

Anyway, it was a reasonable day for temperatures and we got about 3″ of snow here. There was not as much in Wausaukee, but they still had a couple of inches. The snow is fairly wet and heavy, so it will add to our cause. It is enough that I need to run the snowblower and plow again. We are expecting another inch Friday.

The challenge comes in that we are expecting mid-30s for temperatures right through the weekend. Will the snow pack into a nice base, or will it turn into cake frosting? I don’t know that yet and I am a little nervous about it. We have a sunny day coming up and many area stations are over 30F already at 5:30am, and the sun doesn’t rise for almost two more hours.

The weekend looks a little too warm for our sport with more mid-30s. The  Sunday storm still looks like rain and a lot of it, and the TV says that it will be close to 40 Sunday and Monday. Hopefully that will translate into a big ice base that we ride all winter, and not a big thaw that has us starting from nothing.

Two late additions..

Yesterday was the winter solstice, the shortest day for daylight of the year.

From the Iron snowshoe web site..

TRAILS ARE OPEN, but in EARLY SEASON condition.  Groomers went out to pan all the trails and tried to fill in as many ruts and holes as they could.  As a result, the trail has many bare spots and are considered in poor condition.  On the good side of this, the snow did help to fill in and flatten out the trail which we need to do every year before conditions can improve.

Have a good Thursday and thank you for visiting!