Thursday December 28th, 2017-9pm Update


The forecast of 0.8″ of snow today were right on target. We have about 3/4″ down.

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Greetings and welcome!

I am getting a head start on the morning by updating tonight.

We are in for another cold night tonight. At 11:15pm Crivitz is already showing -16F, Wabeno is at -11, and the forecast is for -21. We have clear skies and a very cold air mass above us, so it will be a cold one.

The weather Wednesday was sunny and actually felt a lot warmer. I am pretty sure that winter is here when I walk outside at +6 and say that it feels warmer out.

One effect of the prolonged cold that I noticed today is that the packed down snow areas are a lot more cemented in. That is a great thing for making a base out of the snow that we have. It is nice and squeaky.

We are expecting some light snow and a high of 11 degrees for Thursday. The forecast on TV says about 3/4″. I will take it. It only takes 10 dimes to make a dollar and there isn’t much in the way of big storms to look forward to in the long term forecast.

The GFS forecast model is showing a parade of cold high pressure systems for most of its 16 day outlook. There are a few small snows possible, and it is flirting with some more normal weather- and snow, later in the time frame.

The TV weather channel 2-2 out of Green Bay just showed an interesting graphic. It demonstrated how far the temperature range can be in December. On Dec 4 they had 61 degrees. Last night they made -15 for a 76 degree temperature spread. It you use that 61 degrees and Antigo’s low of -27 last night it is an 88 degree spread. That is a big range.

It will be an interesting morning @ -21F so I am going to wrap it up. Have a good Thursday and thank you for visiting!