Thursday December 9th, 2010-Late Update

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6pm update..

The models have run again since my update. Again the GFS and NAM are showing us getting a lot of snow Saturday. The HPC is on board now too.  As PackerlandRider pointed out in his comment, the NWS has now issued a winter storm watch for Saturday.

How much are we looking at? These are the QPF numbers in rainfall equivalent. Multiply x 12″ of snow to an inch of rain for a decent guess..

GFS= On the line between 0.5-0.75 and 0.75-1″

HPC= 0.5-0.75 + 0.25-0.5

NAM 1.25-1.5, close to a band of 1.5-1.75″

All models show us on the snow side of the rain snow line.


Also be aware that as this storm intensifies, there will be a lot of wind along with a lot of snow, and more cold wind behind it. Travel might get ugly if it actually plays out.

Unless the overnight model runs come up with something different, it looks like I can add putting the snow plow onto the truck onto tomorrow’s list.

The snow today was pretty fast moving and is almost over. So far I have about 1.5″ down. It made roads very slippery, so be careful until the crews get out and salt. The good news is that it will be warm enough to make the salt very effective.

As far as Saturday, it is close time-wise, it is consistent across the models, and it has been for at least two runs. The guidance says snow. I will be looking forward to the next model run.



We had a cold night last night. Athelstane Weather marked a low of 0.7ºF. It took a while to bounce back, area temps are stil in the teens or low 20s at noon. With a little wind, wind chills are in the upper single digits.

We have some snow coming this afternoon and tonight. A small system is expected to bring 1-3″ or maybe 2-4″, and surprisingly enough, some warmer temperatures (25-30) overnight and tomorrow.

Saturday’s storm is turning into a question mark. The models have been consistent in taking that storm across central IL, IN and OH, leaving us on the northern fringes. The latest model run on the NAM and GFS have introduced new thinking. The NAM is bringing the low between Milwaukee & Green Bay, and a chance of significant (9-12) snow for us. The GFS pushes the low a little farther, but still with significant snow for us.

Right now I am not going to make much of it other than saying that I like where it is going. If we see a few more runs where the new scenario is again consistent across the models, I will have a little more confidence.

Sunday and Monday look like typical cold and windy behind a storm days. The forecast calls for highs in the 10-15 range, lows around zero, and a strong north or northwest wind.

Tomorrow on the other hand should be in the 25-30º range. I have plans for that, mostly involving getting ready to hunker down through Sunday and Monday. That kind of assumes that we don’t see 9-12″ of snow. If we have a foot of fresh powder, there probably won’t be much hunkering going on.

I saw on the TV weather that a place up in Iron County, WI (near Hurley) reported 30″ of lake effect snow in the past week. I checked the Hurley site, and they reported totals a little less than that, but trails will open Monday. The areas around Marquette saw a lot of snow as well, with some totals in the 18″+ range.

We have some events to talk about. This Saturday is the Wabeno Winterfest. Here is the copy n paste from Chris’ events page..

5th Annual Wabeno Winter Fest
Horse Drawn Wagon Rides, Ice Sculpting Contest
Kids’ events at the Town Hall – Santa arrives at noon
American Legion Hall serving food and drink starting at 12 noon
Best Chili competition & Christmas Decorating Contest – pre-register with
Dawn 715-473-2311 or 715 473-5691 after 6pm
Treasure Hunt begins Dec 1 Contact Ron at 715-473-5400 for 1st clue

Starting next weekend the Near North club is having their annual poker run. The event runs from 12/18 until 1/8, and on January 8th  they have the drawing & party at the Northwoods Bar.

I mentioned that I was a busy boy the last time that we visited. I had a good day yesterday, and have some stuff to show.

The Paul Bunyan Riders club in Lakewood came on line with their new web site yesterday at  They have a new WordPress setup like I use here so that they can update any time that they want to.

The Bear Point Sno-Cruisers web site got a big article and a photo gallery about the mock snowmobile incident last weekend. Be sure to check that one out.

There is a lot more, but most doesn’t merit attention yet.

Well, I have to keep moving so I am going to close up here. Have a good weekend and thank you for visiting!