Thursday February 1st, 2018

Greetings and welcome!

I think that we are finally in for a good weekend where the snow won’t melt at the last minute.

I put some miles on the car yesterday and saw snow from NE of Wausaukee all of the way down to Crooked Lake. Everyone got a nice blanket of snow and all areas had 3-4″ of fresh snow. The trails by Wausaukee were untouched buy sled or groomer. The trails on the way to Crooked Lake had tracks in the ample free snow but no grooming yet. Lakewood had not plowed Chickadee, Buck’s Ranch, or Lafave Rd yet, and there was about 4″ of snow to play in. The side roads that were plowed mostly had a nice ice base. I really wish that I didn’t have to work today.

Behind the snow we are going Arctic again. Today’s high is only supposed to be about 8, and with winds gusting to 25 we are looking at serious wind chills. It is expected to warm up a little as the weekend gets closer and both days should be in the teens.

There is snow on tap for Friday night to Saturday night, though there isn’t perfect agreement on how that will play out. The NAM shows a little snow Friday night, and then a better wave of snow Saturday night. Look for 2-3″, maybe a little more, if that one works out. The GFS is just showing snow after noon on Saturday, and maybe an inch. The TV is showing us getting 2-3″.

Whatever the case we have some nice conditions. About the only negative thing that I saw was some ice under the snow making it a little slippery on roads.

Get it while you can. February is here and the sun will start becoming a factor.

I will be bar tending at Rapids again this Saturday from 12-5. Stop in and I will be glad to get a picture of your group for the Big Snow Page.

Have a good Thursday and thank you for visiting!