Thursday February 27, 2014

Greetings and welcome!

I am running late this morning so I kinda have to move fast.

The snow yesterday didn’t happen, and last night’s added up to less than 1/2″. We are looking at a high of 5 today, and -20 tonight. Friday’s snow could add up to an inch during the day and another one at night.

Watch out for county roads around here. Shocking as it may be, the 2 foot wide sprinkle of sand down the middle didn’t melt the inch of ice off of the roads. Now they are an ice covered rutted up mess, and people are wiping out. Straight sections that don’t get sun and corners are bad. Hwy C west of V is very ugly and west of A is particularly bad.

I will not be at Rapids this Saturday, I work at my day job. I will probably be there after 3.

The GFS is showing a BIG warm up after March 10th. It wasn’t there yesterday and might not be there tomorrow, but today it is showing 40+ temps. Ride while you can.

Gotta run-