Thursday January 17th, 2012

Greetings and welcome!

Yesterday’s snow only brought a dusting. Other than that, not much has changed since yesterday’s update. The forecast is still on track with some cold weather today, a little snow for the weekend (maybe 1-3 or 2-4), and a big cold blast for next week.

The cold for next week deepened a little on the GFS. The -30C area of the 850mb temps is now shown as close as the north shore of Lake Superior. That would put the air temp a couple of thousand feet up at -22F. With clear skies, I’d expect at least mid-teens below zero Monday night. It will be a cold stretch early week.

There are a few better chances of snow farther out in the 16 day model starting about mid-week next week. Hopefully they are something that will materialize.

The RXL tinkering went a little farther last night when I pulled the fuel rail, cleaned the injectors, and swapped in a new pressure regulator. One injector was a little leaky, so that got swapped out too. It is a much happier engine with steady pressure to the injectors.

I looked into putting an aftermarket adjustable fuel pressure regulator onto it that has a gauge. The original part is NLA. The upgrade would take tapping out the current regulator port in the fuel rain and screwing in a barb fitting, otherwise it is pretty straightforward.

The new regulator would give me a more accurate fuel pressure to the injectors, and let me make it a little leaner or richer by adjusting the pressure. For now I was happy with the stock one from the shelf, but it is good to know that option is there.

I am not expecting my EFI/laptop interface chip until next week, and with a federal holiday Monday, it will probably be Tuesday before I see it.

Next up I will decide if the one cylinder that is a little lower than the others needs replacement. It was only 10# different on the compression gauge, and it seems to be starting and running great, so maybe I’ll let a test run decide that.

Hopefully in a week or so we will see some sort of pattern change and get out of this snow rut and I can go back to talking about trail conditions. For now, have a good Thursday and thank you for visiting!