Thursday January 26, 2012

Greetings and welcome!

My ride this morning went ok. It started out with a dead battery, so I was on delay for an hour while I got some charge into it. I’m guessing that I have a slow current drain, I will have to look into it.

I started down Landing 11 Road headed toward Caldron Falls Rd. There was a good ice layer on it, and no skis dragging. The townies were going a little rabid with the sand and the wing plowing into the ditch, but you could still find a route. (Maybe they should put Snowmobile Route signs up on Parkway so the treat that with similar enthusiasm instead of leaving it a sheet of ice..)

Bucks Ranch Road had been plowed but not sanded, so that was a good ride for the most part, again with the ice base. The pipeline trail looked good going by.

Chickadee was unplowed from Buck’s Ranch up to North Fork Rd and plowed the rest of the way to C. The uplowed part was great. It hadn’t been groomed yet so there was nice powder, and it was the best trail yet this year. The plowed part was icy but it had adequate ice coverage to make it a good ride.

I continued toward Lakewood up to trail crossing 34 where I spun it around. The trail between there and Chickadee was mostly very good. There were a few spots that were a little rugged, but mostly it was a nice trail.

The trail between Chickadee and Landing 11 was fair. There was decent snow cover, and it was groomed, but it is a rugged trail. The groomer did a lot of good, but it is still a little rugged.

I rode the trail between Landing 11 over past Rapids Resort and down to Fisher’s Camp. The trail through the woods on the way to Rapids is usually a little thin, and it was, but it was passable. The trail down to Fisher’s Camp was pretty rugged and there was not enough snow for the groomers to fix it. That was a pretty bumpy ride.

I had intended to ride over toward Jungle Jims and the gas station as well as toward Athelstane and up toward Goodman. I ran out of time before I could cover that.

The trails from Chickadee over toward Lakewood were good or very good. I don’t have a problem sending my friends there to ride. The Iron Snowshoe Trails varied from good enough to poor and would definitely benefit from more snow and grooming. Riding those can be done, but they are marginal and not as nice as trails to the north or west.

As far as weather not much has changed. There is a chance of light snow Friday night that could turn into a 1-3. Beyond that we are looking at 20s for Saturday and upper teens for Sunday. With cloud cover Friday night should be in the upper teens and Saturday night about +10.

Check out yesterday’s comments for more info.

Have a good Thursday and thank you for visiting!