Thursday January 30th, 2014- 5pm Update


The snow is pretty much done now. I’d call it 4-5″. There is solidly 4, and more in some spots.

Greetings and welcome!

It is a much warmer morning today. Athelstane Weather is sporting a very comfortable 23 degrees.

There is snow on the way today, and according to the radar, it should start any second. We are under a winter weather advisory today. The general forecast is for two to four, but for some reason the NWS thinks that we could be in the 5-6″ range. Bring it on!

I went out forĀ  a quick ride last night after work. Riding alone after dark I stayed close to home and near roads where rescue would be easy. At that point I did a quick 30 mile loop around the Caldor and High Falls flowages area.

The trails were fantastic. I think that I was the third rider since the groomer had passed. There was only one stretch where three trails came together that had a couple of bumps, other than that it was like riding on a pool table. I kept coming up to stop signs and landmarks and thinking wow, I am already done with that stretch? That went really fast!

I only stopped for one picture stop. It didn’t look like it turned out when I was on the trail, so I focused on riding. As it was, it did turn out. I used a flash, my headlight on high, and my mega flashlight, and it actually worked pretty good.


When I got home and saw it, I was sorry that I didn’t take more.

So anyway, that is what I rode around the flowages area last night. Add 3-6″ for today and a night or two of grooming, and that is the set up for the weekend. Saturday is Feb 1st, don’t wait too long.

Have a good Thursday and thank you for visiting!