Thursday January 3rd, 2012

Greetings and welcome!

A lot of last night and this morning were taken up by work obligations so I haven’t been out riding and don’t have a lot of new stuff to report this morning.

There has been only a dusting of new snow this week. The trails that were left from last weekend are what will be there Saturday. The consensus was that you can ride, but we clearly need more snow. There are good and bad spots, it depends on what you are willing to put up with to ride and find the good trails.

If the GFS can be believed a week out we are looking at a brief thaw next week. Right now the Green Bay TV stations are talking about mid to upper40s mid-week. When I see the 0C 850mb line on the GFS go over 100 miles north of Lake Superior usually I think 45-50 degrees.

There are no big storms headed our way on the 16 day model. About 10 days out a previous run showed the weather pattern going to a more zonal  (straight west to east) flow and the high pressure that we have blocking our weather now moving off the the east. The thaw next week is part of that as the high moves east and the clockwise flow pumps warm air up from the south. I am not so sure it will only be a two day event, the high has been pretty stubborn about moving east. Hopefully after that we can get some winter.

Facebook brought another through the ice picture this morning. This was a truck with a V plow and a trailer with an ATV on it. That is going to be an expensive day. According to the post it was on Stiles Flowage about 45 minutes from here on 7″ of ice, and the guy almost paid the ultimate price..


I did escape for a little shop time Tuesday night and Wed afternoon and worked on the RXL a little more. The interface for the laptop didn’t work, so I need a different chip. NBD. The better one is $25 instead of $7, or I can get it for $14 if I wait till the end of the month and get it from China.¬† I did get the TPS adjusted the hard way and it helped. The RXL runs and even got a gravel ride yesterday. It could run a trail, but there is more work ahead before it is really right. Unfortunately it looks like I will have some time ahead to do it.

That’s news for today. Have a good Thursday and thank you for visiting!