Thursday March 10th, 2011 Part 2


I did go out for a ride this afternoon. The early prognosis was bad. The quick driveway run to the mailbox and back found about half of it mud and me doing the snowbank dance. I came back and parked it and said that is it for me.

I got up to the house and just couldn’t accept that answer. On went my bubble head and off I went. The ride to the trail was ugly with a lot of bare stuff. I went down Kosir Lane and over to Landing 11. The pictures up to the first picture after the one with the sled and bald spots are on that stretch.

The next two pictures are between Landing 11 and Chickadee. There were bad spots like by the big pine(puddle shown), and right over the next hill it would be great.

The unplowed road and the rest of the pictures are from Chickadee. What a party.. The snow was ample and a little pushy because it was heavy. I ran the virgin road down to Buck’s Ranch ( the bare road) and decided to go back the way I came instead of going to the pipeline. The last picture was what Chickadee was about going toward Lakewood with only a few minor thin spots.


If you are willing to ride some ugly stuff for one last ride or trailer into sheltered spots, there is still a party going on. For a lot of us it is already over.

Today we hit 44 and it was sunny most of the day. That is not what we wanted.  The bad news is that the warm air in front of the weekend clipper isn’t here yet. That comes tomorrow afternoon. I don’t know how it will mix down, but the upper air temps  look about 6-8ºC warmer than today.

Friday night probably won’t get very cold, the NWS is looking for a low around 30. Saturday we are expecting light snow and 35, Sunday party sunny and low 30s.

The snow late Friday night and Saturday is being shown on the NAM as 0.01-0.1″. It won’t be much unless we get a surprise.

I have to run. Have a good night and thank you for visiting!