Thursday March 10th, 2011



Sunny and 44


I almost forgot- Check this out. Oops.


Greetings and welcome!

Here are some pictures from (in this order) Townsend by the hardware store (2), Lakewood where the RR trail crosses F (2), and where the trail goes into the forest just north of Waubee Lake (1). These were taken at about 9am.


It looks like Iron Snowshoe and Townsend groomed, Lakewood had not as of this morning.

The day is not what we would like to see. It is mostly sunny and 42 right now as of 1pm. Tomorrow is going to be more of the same, but heading for 44. There is going to be some sun erosion, there were already edges of it at 10am when I got home.

I am planning one last ride this afternoon. The batteries are on charge, and hopefully the sled is ready to go. I have about an hour of work to do first, then I am off. At 42 degrees I will probably skip the bibs.

If you are not riding before the weekend you probably should be. That sun is a bad one.

Have a good Thursday and thank you for visiting!



Greetings and welcome!

The totals on the storm were tough to pin down. The wind favored some areas a little more, and areas that didn’t see sun between the little storms and the big one have an inch or two more. Generally I’d call the bigger storm 5-8 with sheltered areas at 8-9 with the inch or two that came earlier.

The neighbor’s guy plowed the main driveway already, so I didn’t put the plow on yesterday and clean it up. The un-plowed driveway up by the house definitely takes 4 wheel drive to navigate. It was a good dose of pretty heavy snow.

The snow packs well, and even areas that were down to dirt are covered. I saw that the groomers ran yesterday on Iron Snowshoe, and the little bit of trail that I saw was packed down and covered nicely.

There were some tracks out on the trails between here and Athelstane yesterday, but not many. I only saw one sled.

Based on the NWS forecast you will want to ride it ASAP for the best conditions. I would expect there to still be rideable trails for the weekend, but there might be some sunny spots too.

Thursday-Decreasing clouds, high of 36-41

Friday-Sunny, high of 39-44

Friday night-Light rain &  snow lows in the upper 20s

Saturday-Chance of rain or snow highs in the mid-30s

I really don’t know how it will turn out. It was a decent dose of sturdy snow, but sunny and 40 can do some damage at this time of year. My suggestion is that riding sooner than later will bring better conditions.

Have a good Thursday and thank you for visiting!