Thursday March 20, 2014

Greetings and welcome to the first day of spring!

Today brings the spring equinox where the day and night are 12 hours each. That actually already happened yesterday or the day before, we are up to 12:09 of daylight today. Anyway, as of 11:57am today it becomes spring.

We had a couple of inches of snow in Wausaukee yesterday. Later in the afternoon it rained a little but nothing too serious. With the 38 degree day the snow was pretty soft. When I looked out of the back door this morning at 5:30 the net result was nothing. There was no snow on the back step, and only a little on the path and wood pile. That will probably vary by area. To the north they probably had a little more snow and didn’t give it all back.

We still have a shot at a little snow on Friday, and a cooler weekend ahead. Friday’s clipper holds the promise of 1-2″ and hopefully gets out of control. We are looking at low 30s Saturday and mid-20s Sunday. Our normal high for today is 40 and the normal low is 19.

If you check the comments on yesterday’s updates people have been finding places to ride. Bear fan found good trails up by Lilly and Jeff said Dunbar looked like they had another weekend left. Those areas seem to have fared better with this week’s snow.

From what I am seeing along the roads between here and work in Wausaukee we really aren’t loosing anything, but the days keep taking back the snow, so we aren’t getting ahead either. It is definitely late season in this neighborhood. I would consider trailering over to the woods trails but wouldn’t ride the 3 miles of roads to get there.

Right now the hope is that Friday’s snow is good to us and we can ride another weekend. If not, head north and west.

Have a good Thursday and thank you for visiting!