Thursday March 21st, 2013 Part 2

Greetings and welcome!

I just got back from a 57 mile ride to Lakewood and back on the new RXL. I do love that machine.

Anyway, the trails were in great shape all of the way round trip. There were 2 sunny spots where the edge of the trail was getting eaten. The rest was full coverage.

It looked like Iron Snowshoe and Paul Bunyan had groomed recently. You could see the flat spots on the edge of the trail. The trails themselves were showing a few signs of traffic but it was nothing that a single groomer pass wouldn’t leave perfect. They haven’t groomed Chickadee in a while, that had a few whoopties and surprises.

There was a lot of traffic out for a Thursday. I probably passed 25-30 snowmobiles round trip, so it is no surprise a few small stutter bumps were showing up.

The sun stayed hidden until about 2pm. There were no signs of any real melting prior to that. As of 3pm it is 32 and sunny.

I had a blast riding, and wish that I was still out there.

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