Thursday November 12th, 2015

Greetings and welcome!

This November sure doesn’t look like last November. Last November we were very cold, eventually freezing the ground and lakes by Thanksgiving. Any snow that came stayed.

Fast forward to 2015.. Last week was in the 60s, and in some places the low 70s. Since Saturday there has been frost on the car windows in the morning daily, but it always has given way to a fairly warm day of at least 40 and almost always over 50. That is not the ideal path to the frozen land and waters that we want to see in about a month.

Looking at the next two weeks on the GFS forecast model I am not seeing a lot of cold air heading our way. It does get colder around the 24th, but in the meantime we will probably see above freezing daytime temperatures.

We won’t be seeing any frost on the windshield this morning. The big storm moving through not only brought heavy rain and a clap of thunder, it is still almost 50 degrees at 1am.

There is a little snow possible on the back side of the storm. Current forecasts have as much as an inch to our northwest Friday morning, and a chance at grassy surfaces getting a little white around here. With the ground not frozen, unless there is a whole bunch of snow it will not likely last the day Friday, and definitely won’t survive Saturday’s 50 & sunny weather.

The storm is a very strong one, and has a lot of wind associated with it. later today we are expecting sustained winds in the 20-30mph range and 45mph gusts are possible.

While not really valid, I do entertain the ‘What if this storm came in January’ game. An ideal storm for heavy snow here would have the low pressure tracking over about Milwaukee.

Right now it is predicted to pass over about Green Bay, call it about 100 miles north of ideal, so we would be looking at mostly rain. Yesterday’s GFS model had it another 200 miles west, rain for sure, even in January.

There is a lot more to talk about today, but at the moment the clock isn’t my friend. I will be back with more very soon. Have a good Thursday and thank you for visiting!


6am Update-

The morning news has new expected snow totals-

The UP 3-6″

Rhinelander 2″

Lakewood 1″