Thursday November 18th, 2010

Greetings and welcome!

It has been a cold and overcast week this week. It has been classic November weather.

The weather is a big deal this weekend, so let’s go with that first. In a word-Typical.

Friday there is a minor chance of snow showing up as a storm goes past to our north. Look for cloudy skies, a little wind, and a hi/low of 39/22.  Saturday looks partly sunny and in the high 30s with lows again in the low 20s.

Sunday things get more interesting as an approaching storm brings light rain in late morning. The rain is not expected to be much, but may be understated at <0.1″ per 6 hours.   Look for a hi/low of 42/30 Sunday.  Similar amounts of rain are expected Monday, but Monday afternoon and night it is expected to be snow.

Tuesday should be cloudy and free of rain, but the next wave comes in about Wedesday with some snow for Wednesday and Thursday. That one could end up a 1-3 or 2-4 storm.

After next Thursday temps will drop off. The GFS was showing a huge wedge of cold air pushing all of the way to FL, and us in the way. It will still cool off, but not as much as previously prognosticated. The GFS is also showing a little light snow for the second weekend too.

Overall the season looks pretty normal for weather. The storms aren’t huge, neither are the temperature swings. If I had to guess the big events they would be Sunday’s rain, Wednesday’s snow, and the cold on/after Thanksgiving.


We had some snow reports in the comments on Tuesday’s update:

Ray I went over to Pickerel today then north to Crandon east on 8 and on back to wausaukee lots of snow still on ground all along hwy 55 and 8 east to Laona. more than tracking snow for sure.

Was up north and west of Grand Marais MN deer hunting for 5 days and was in the snow up there. The place we stayed at had at least a foot of snow. The guys are out with snowmobiles up there! Can’t wait! Like Slug said, snow all the way down to around Crandon.


This morning found a light dusting of snow on everything from overnight flurries. The number of cold spots that the snow is sticking a little longer is increasing, but the sun still vaporizes the snow by noon.

I have been watching to see when our first ice would be, and I spotted my first sighting today. A marshy little pond just south of Carter had enough ice on one side that it lasted until 11am or so when I went by. I am sure that smaller puddles and such have had ice already. This was my first ice sighting on something closer to a pond or lake. It was just delicate shell ice, but it was first ice.

Deer hunting opens Saturday and people are getting excited about it. I have seen a few deer around, including a few dead in the ditches. We are not over run with the things, but they are present. I guess if I had advice, it would be to focus on morning and evening. The deer are more nocturnal at this time of year.

Two events stand out over the next week. One is the free hunter’s buffet at Rapids Resort. You heard right, a free buffet. They also raffle off stuff, and the place fills up pretty good. That is the Tuesday night of deer hunting, next Tuesday.

Also next Tuesday is the Dockside Bar N Grill Deer Hunter’s Auction & Benefit. This is a big event and they auction off a lot of really nice stuff. I was there last year and the place was packed. I couldn’t believe some of the really nice stuff that they sold.

Thursday of deer hunting is always Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving buffets include Rapids Resort, Jungle Jims, Twin Bridge and Hilltop Resort Lakeside Bar & Grill is having a nice one with turkey and prime rib, but you need to make reservations.

The hunters that have too many singles would want to go to Green Lake Tap in Mountian or the bar in Klondike. I haven’t heard from (the newly rebuilt)  Thorntons. Curve Inn will have lingerie parties to comply with the new ordinance. Spread Eagle is a booming place this time of year too.

People that have some low or wet spots to deal with will want to be prepared for them. There is a lot more water in low spots than there has been in years past. Be ready with the waders or alternate paths if you are swampin’.

One last item.. frozen pipes. Usually the rule of thumb at my house is that unless it is an unusually cold year, we are good until deer hunting. This year has been working out for that so far. It is that time though. Lows in the upcoming forecast are starting to get into the low 20s. That is about cold enough. Usually when we see teens and single digits unprotected pipes start popping and pumps start freezing. At that point I will be working on the well house over the weekend or next week, getting light bulbs and heaters set up and heat tape plugged in.

That is about it from here. Have  a fun and safe hunting season, and thank you for visiting!