Thursday October 14th, 2010

Greetings and welcome!

The season has ticked two weeks closer since our last visit. There is a little going on, including events for this weekend.

This weekend is the Snowmobile USA snow show in Milwaukee.

This Saturday there is a meeting of the Bear Point Sno-Cruisers at the Bear Point Yacht Club at 9:30am.

About 10:30 or so the volunteers from the Sno-Cruisers will be cleaning up a stretch of Highway 180 where we did the Adopt a Highway program. There will be a lunch to follow and everyone is welcome. It isn’t official, but usually a few of us stick around and socialize after stuff like that too. I am planning on being there.

Looking at the AWSC magazine I see that this weekend is the big deal down in Jefferson. They have an antique snow and swap meet along with the old timers grass dragging. Sounds fun.

Also from the AWSC the Onalaska Coulee Sno-Drifetrs are having a chili feed and swap meet Saturday.

According to what I just saw on this morning’s GFS, we could see our first snowflakes of fall in about a week. The upper air temps get low enough and there is some precip possible between the 19th & 21st. There is another chance showing up on the 30th.

The GFS has been bouncing back and forth on if it will be cold enough for the early one, but has been consistent with an end of the month possibility for some snowflakes.

Since the 7 and 16 day forecasts aren’t all that clear, let’s look a little farther out.. Here is the Jan Feb March outlook from the CPC. Click on the picture to make it bigger.

Being in the middle between colder than normal and wetter than normal certainly holds some promise, dosen’t it?

I have been a busy guy lately. I have no less than 4 different snowmobile clubs that I am working on web sites for. There are also several other projects in process, plus getting ready for cold weather around the house.

In my spare time I do computer repairs and stuff like setting up Hilltop Resort with a long range WiFi access point to keep me in lights & Cheerios. At the same time, the glow in the dark store is starting to come into it’s own and there is some exciting stuff coming up there.

The end result is spending a little time on each project. Today is a computer day and a couple of the club sites will see some major progress. I am about to end my reports over at NorthernDestinations and focus on snowmobiling when I do that update later today.

I still haven’t worked on my snowmobiles. I have walked past ’em, looked them over, tripped over parts, but no actual work has been done on them.

At the same time, the offers on cheap RXLs have been pouring in. It is a good thing that I am poor or I would have 5 new ones since the 4th of July, all at $300 or less.

But I have a plan..

The XLT and the generous pile of parts for it will soon be auctioned off to finance such opportunities. I also have 4 old hulks to scrap for parts. It is just a matter of catching up a little and getting out into the shop.

Well, I am going to skip along and get some work done. I am fired up about this winter and I am working hard to get ready for it.

See you soon!