Thursday September 8th, 2016

Greetings and welcome back!

In three days we officially kick off the snowmobiling season with Hay Days, easily the biggest show in snowmobiling. I could spend all day writing about it, but that has been done. Check your latest edition of Wisconsin Snowmobiler or go right to their web site.

More fall events..

2016 Wausau Grass Drags & Swap Meet, Saturday & Sunday, September 24-25, 2016. Here is a link.

Snowmobile USA Show- October 14-15-16, 2016 Snowmobile USA Show & Sale Milwaukee, WI. Here is a link.

13th Annual Show & Swap  With the NEW Low Buck Vintage Riders- December 3, 2016 @ 8:00 am5:00 pm @ Gateway Bar & Grill, Hwy 141 Crivitz.
I did not see anything about a reunion or vintage swap on the Eagle River Derby Track web site.
People have asked me in the off season what I think that this winter will be about for snow. Right now I am pretty upbeat about it. The very latest ENSO predictions from NOAA show that they are expecting either neutral conditions or a mild LaNina. Personally my hunch is that it will go very slightly to the warm side. I have nothing scientific to base that on, it is just a hunch.
At any rate, it has been my observation that staying around neutral is a good thing for us as snowmobilers. Right now we are slightly on the cold side of the baseline, and we have been having a good amount of rain. Hopefully that translates well in 90 days or so. As long as we stay around neutral we have a fighting chance at a good winter.
I have been a busy boy this summer and haven’t had time for much of anything. I still have my car parts job 40-50 hours a week, plus drive time 20 miles each way.
My first summer project was setting up a new server for one side of my web sites. Setting up a server and moving almost 30 web sites onto it has taken some time. It has been worth it though, this one is all solid state drive, fast network interface, bla bla bla. You will see faster load times than last year. That is 1/2 servers that I use.
My second summer project was starting Work-Sport-Adventure Sales llc. The focus of that was to sell nice quality LED flashlights & floodlights to C-stores and bait shops, and maybe retail some here and there. Retail sales in August was so crazy that I haven’t had time to go and talk to the stores or even finish my web site. Right now my only store is Country Mart in Athelstane.
Well it is time to get back to work. Have a good fall and thank you for visiting!