Tuesday 1-14-2020

Greetings and welcome!

The trails in the area remain in really nice shape both on the road trails and otherwise. The one place to avoid is the lakes and rivers.

We had a little light snow last night and a little drizzle after sunset today. The high temperature that I saw was 34ºF. The only real melting was on salted roads.

We have some snow coming tomorrow afternoon and evening. It would be generous to expect 2″. Behind that snow we have a brief cold wave coming for Thursday (High of +15 with wind and a low of -4 Thursday night).

The real story is the snow for Friday night and Saturday. When I looked the NWS had us for a 100% chance of snow Friday night. I was thinking, “Hmmm.. That’s pretty bold for a 3 day forecast, especially considering how cautious and reserved the NWS guys are..”. Well, I can’t disagree. All of my model guidance is right on board with it.

The way that I see it at the moment the snow won’t hit eastern WI until after sunset. Hopefully that means a safe journey north for people that come to ride. It looks like a low intensity long duration snow event for Friday night and Saturday with a total of about 6″ by Saturday night. Sounds like winter wonderland snow to me, where it isn’t really very threatening or challenging, but it is beautiful and the trails get some fresh stuff all day Saturday. It looks like a comfortable ride Saturday too, with a high of 31.

Cabella’s finally sent my new treads that the GF got me for Christmas. They are Cabella’s Inferno Boa winter boots. They look pretty nice with Solarcore insulation, 2,000 grams of Thinsulate, Foremost Dry+ and the Boa lacing system. She’s awesome! The boots look pretty nice too. I froze my feet really bad snowmobiling in my younger days, and many times. (Too stubborn to quit riding when the feet froze..) Now I need really warm boots. These hopefully will fit the bill.

I am not sure about the Boa ratcheting lacing system’s durability but I love not lacing 8 or 9 sets of clasps. Maybe you guys know more about that and will comment.

One knock, Cabella’s had these back ordered since 12-15-19 and they just came today. They still only have a couple of sizes in stock.

Right now they look like really nice boots. Can’t wait to try them on the trail.

Have a good night and thank you for visiting! RJB