Tuesday 1-15-19

Jan 15, 2019

Greetings and welcome!

Not much has changed since yesterday.

On the way to work yesterday morning I saw that Iron Snowshoe had groomed overnight. The trails continue to look good. That rain on top of the 6-8″ of snow a couple of weeks ago has really saved us.

Yesterday stayed cloudy and in the 20s so we had no melting. There was a little freezing drizzle in the morning and again last night. It did not add up to anything.

The arctic air coming for the weekend is expected to shield us from the storm for Saturday and Sunday. Right now it looks like the storm will follow the last storm’s path and hit IL, OH and on to the east coast with more snow. It would be great if it moved 200 miles north and gave us a nice surprise but that is not in the forecast.

About our best shot at significant snow is 10 days out on the GFS model. I am not too excited about it, it seems like there is always a storm 10 days out when we are in an arctic snowless pattern. I am up for a pleasant surprise.

On one of the weather nerd websites that I follow there is a good bit of discussion about or ElNino breaking down or getting milder. Is it happening? Yes to some extent, but some people there thought that it would strengthen again in a month or so.

It has been my observation that a transition out of ElNino conditions can be good for us. It would be great if Feb and March turned out like last April did with a couple of feet of snow. Right now it is just wishful thinking.

Time to make the donuts.

Have a good Tuesday and thank you for visiting!