Tuesday 1-24-17

Greetings and welcome!

The warm (40ish) weather and melting continued through the weekend and into Monday. Not many people rode over the weekend, so what I could see of the trail base remains mostly intact. There are a few sunny spots and corners showing dirt or grass now.

When I was out by the work shed last night there was still a good base with about 1″ of slushy crystallized snow on top and water under the snow. A footprint in the super soft snow went right to the ice.

We have a storm coming for tonight & Wednesday. Yesterday it looked like a 3-5 or 3-6″ snow, today the models have the storm a little south of ideal and the rain snow line a little closer than we would like. Now we are down to a couple of inches and some freezing rain possible.

We are expecting to finally get below freezing again Thursday night. After that the daily high temps go down to mid or upper 20s with teens overnight. Hopefully that is soon enough to freeze up our base and all of the puddles that the warm weather made. Weekend traffic in current conditions would be ugly.

So right now there are a lot of questions about the weekend. Will the mid-week storm bring enough snow? Will it all freeze up in time? I don’t know.

I suspect that the old go north & west thing will come into play. Conditions are a lot better here that they are 20 miles east, and I am willing to bet that it is better up by Hwy 8 or over toward Townsend than it is here. One sure thing is that paved treated roads are bare or mostly bare, so those parts of the system should be avoided.

I did a camera dump last night so we have some pictures. Some are from Saturday, but there are a few trail pix from on the way home from work last night. With the days getting longer sunset is getting late enough that I am not driving both ways in the dark, and I can get a few pix on he way home.

Have a good Tuesday and thank you for visiting!